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Can you imagine what would happen in a world with rulers like Trump Bolsonaro Orban Salvini Johnson or Abascal sustained over time? Well here is the answer; just download Day R Survival. Survive in a post-apocalyptic world What Day R sets forth is a world devastated by war and environmental catastrophes where we will have to do everything we possibly can to survive. We will need to explore the land and find everything that can be useful to ensure our well-being. Similar to games like Minecraft we must combine objects to obtain others that will enable us to achieve our purposes. Beyond having to look for food and shelter we will face different dangers. We can also find other characters to interact with and help each other. The difference with other survival-type games is that this one is not focused on action but rather on the development of a character his or her inventory and skills to survive in a chaotic world. Excellent graphics and a good story to shape a remarkable role-playing game and adventures for Android.

Day R Survival For Android Download

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