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Do you want to know how and to what extent the different applications installed on your phone or tablet are jeopardizing its security? With CONAN mobile for Android you'll be able to find out as it audits the entire system establishing the weaknesses of the latter that may put its privacy at risk. The best way to control which data are used by your applications. Features Appraisal of the device's configuration options. Analysis of associated Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices. Recommendations to improve the security levels. Classification of the application depending on their potential danger. Classification of permissions. Real-time monitoring of the device's activity. What should I do if my phone has security faults? Well there's no need to worry because CONAN mobile doesn't only go over your device's security level but it also gives you the recommendations necessary to fix the weaknesses found. Thus CONAN mobile is an application that you must download if you don't want your data to be exposed to any sort of danger.

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