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VOODOO is one of the most prolific video game studios in terms of casual game production. It has dozens of games including Pokey Ball. Shoot the ball as high as you can The game mechanics are very straightforward: all you need to do is slide your finger down and release it to shoot the ball as high as possible. It will ascend in parallel to a trunk to which you have to nail it before it beings its journey towards the ground by force of gravity. Once fastened we will have to launch another one up and repeat the operation until we cross the hoop at the top. Players need to be careful when the ball falls as it will not stick on all parts of the trunk: there are areas where it is impossible to nail it and even blocks that are destroyed. The whole goal of this game is to entertain players and make them go up level after level and your prize will be the possibility of unlocking new skins for the balls.

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