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If Ball Paint is anything it is addictive. This casual puzzle game manages to get you hooked with very simple gameplay: shoot small colored balls at a larger geometric figure in order to paint it just one color. Paint the 3D figure just one color It works like this: you will see a ball (although as you progress the shape of the figure will keep changing) with two or more colors. Then you will have a limited number of colored balls which you will have to launch at the larger figure. When you do this you will color the area of impact the same color as your projectile. The goal is for the larger ball to end up being just one color. To play the game all you have to do is swipe the figure and then tap to aim at the point you want to hit. And that's not all: the game has an endless number of levels. So if you get hooked on this simple 3D puzzle game you will have no excuse for getting unhooked. Cool right?

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