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If you spend your time writing novels or any other kind of texts something that is really essential is concentration. If you need a place to abstract from the world and be able to give free rein to your creativity you will find it in WriteRoom.   WriteRoom is an application to input text that will allow you to enjoy the simplicity of a typewriter but in a digital environment. It provides the essential tools to write a text and a pleasant environment that is completely customizable.   By default the application shows the environment with the profile 'green over black' but we can choose other profiles. Furthermore it includes a practical auto-saving option.   This application has been conceived to write text without being able to insert tables or other elements. Because its use is focused on the input of text without any distractions. This software is ideal for writers and people with concentration problems.   WriteRoom submerges you in an environment that is optimum to write and it eliminates any possible distraction.

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