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There are very few productivity and business management tools available for the computers developed by Apple because computers using the Windows operating systems are usually used for this purpose. Manage all your invoices and bills Billings is an application designed to manage our invoicing clients and the time that is used for each task so it is ideal for those freelance workers that have to work on various different tasks or for different companies at the same time. An interesting feature of this application is that it indicates what clients have paid their invoices and which one has outstanding payments so that with a mere glance we can have a general idea of what we are owed. It also allows you to adapt the invoices to your own corporate image thanks to an inbuilt WYSIWYG designer breakdown costs in an invoice (by time the material used people that have taken part in the project ... ) or create budgets. If you want a program that can be used to perform the majority of office functions and that will help you will all those tasks that don't allow you to concentrate on your main job download Billings now and start taking control of your invoicing.

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