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When we mention FTP servers it's impossible to forget about FileZilla. This application is a full guarantee when it comes to working with a file server with which you can upload and download files with total freedom. You will be able to access all of them from any point with an Internet connection. If FileZilla has earned its reputation it's essentially due to two reasons: it's free and offers enviable stability and performance. Features Support for three protocols: FTP FTPS and SFTP. Compatible with IPv6. Pause and resume the transfer of the files with total freedom. Work with large files (bigger than 4GB). Drag & drop function to make it easier to interact with the software. Configurable file transfer speed. Support for HTTP/1.1 SOCKS 5 and FTP-Proxy... An unquestionable choice If you were looking for an FTP client for your Mac OS X operating system you will find few alternatives that are better than FileZilla. Download FileZilla for free and transfer files with the full guarantee of a leading application in its field.

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