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AppTrap is an application “uninstaller” for Mac that will allow you to perform this action in the easiest and most intuitive way like always by simply dragging the programs that we want to eliminate from our computer to the recycle bin. But with an extra advantage: it eliminates any folder or file that can be associated with the application. Powerful app uninstaller for Mac Thus the great advantage of this application is that it is capable of completely eliminating components that are usually associated to the applications that we run and that would otherwise stay in the system making it slower and occupying space on our hard drive. Once active AppTrap works in the background detecting and eliminating each time that you delete an application all the related elements. If you want to deactivate its functions you can do so from the “System Preferences”. Try AppTrap a brilliant tool to remove the files that are associated with the applications that you are no longer going to use!

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