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Smultron is a free text editor that has been entirely written in Cocoa that can serve both inexperienced users as well as advanced ones. Despite its simple interface the program is prepared to cover a wide range of needs from writing notes and annotations to web development script editing or the production of task lists. A simple tool with a core focused on programming Simultron places all the open documents in a list on a sidebar where it shows them by means of an icon as if they were iTunes covers. It can also show them as if they were websites that we're visiting with our browser. When we write code this program can provide it with a different color depending on its objective. It has many word search options and line numbers to help us to easily find a code line. It can also divide the window into two parts to compare two documents side by side. We can preview an HTML file straight from Smultron. The most advanced users can be used to find hidden system files.

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