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SnapFlow is an application for Mac with which you will be able to select specific frames from your videos and export them as high quality still images. As time goes by videos have more quality each day so that the images that can be extracted from them also have a very good resolution. SnapFlow offers us the possibility to get still images from videos so as to be able to use them on a website or to print them for example. Main functions Select the best takes and compile them in intelligent albums. Generate documents that are ready to be printed as covers or labels. Apply predefined filters and effects to all the images. Export the images in packs to any image format. SnapFlow manages to make the process of selecting and exporting groups of images simple what's more it allows you to apply color or different effects to them. It also has a deinterleaving function to manage to get good images from interleaved videos. Try out SnapFlow and convert your Mac into an image studio for your videos.

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