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Timberman is 3 years old and its developers have decided that a great way to celebrate it is making him practice some sport. Specifically tennis since this lumberjack seems to be a great fan of this game whether on hard court clay or grass. Retro tennis game: back to the past That's the sensation you'll get once you download Timber Tennis and you install it on your iPhone or iPad. Mainly because of its retro graphics that look like they're out of the 80s' very similar to those of any NES or Atari video console and the only difference is that now you'll control the game on a touchscreen. Otherwise this is also a video game in which even the music has been written with 8-bit quality and where the only thing you've got to do is return the ball to the other side of the court. But be careful it isn't as easy as it seems. Rafa Nadal Djokovic Federer Ferrer Murray... they all play Timber Tennis. Throughout the matches and as you improve your skill with your racket you'll be able to unlock different characters as well as other items such as balls and special shots. These are some of the features you'll find in this entertaining tennis game: Over 20 different characters. Over 30 different balls and challenges to be unlocked. Over 10 different courts to be played on. Play in local mode splitting the screen in two Play in multiplayer mode with an Apple TV using an iPhone or iPad as a gamepad. And although you can play in online multiplayer mode you'll surely appreciate being able to play in local multiplayer mode... it's the closest thing to how we used to play years ago each one of their own controller and looking into the eyes of your rival.

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