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WhatsApp the messaging app par excellence. Who isn't on WhatsApp at this point of the movie? You use it to talk to your partner your friends your workmates... you can even send messages to the plumber! WhatsApp is more than a messenger it's a social network. So WhatsApp is mainly for speaking but also for many more things. It's close to becoming yet another social network: profile picture name videos that expire in 24 hours... it's got absolutely everything! WhatsApp statuses can be very subtle. You can say absolutely everything without saying anything at all just using hints. You can go for a short and simple one about friendship love or a sad one or even a saying. And that's where this Status for WhatsApp comes in to help you out. What statuses should I use on WhatsApp? If you can't make your mind up about which status to choose for WhatsApp this app can help you out. Just think how you're feeling today and access the application. Choose between the different categories available: romantic funny Christmas pets break-ups... Regardless of your state of mind Status for WhatsApp can help you out. Design that follows the corporate WhatsApp colors. Over 70 000 statuses in different languages. Sorted by categories favorites popular... Easy to use and intuitive. Not only will you find messages but also stickers memes emojis games photos and wallpapers. Add the best ones to your favorites.

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