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GameSalad Creator is a program developed to create games. In view of how the so-called 'indie' games are succeeding lately there are quite a few users that dare to create their own developments. And since the programming barrier is so large GameSalad Creator allows you to create games without knowing how to program. Develop your own games for iOS With a really intuitive interface and without having to view a single line of code GameSalad Creator is a perfect program for any person to create their own game. Logically it doesn't allow you to create great products but it does allow you to create platform games shooters puzzles and car games. The interface of the program is so simple that the only thing you'll have to do is create the levels. Nevertheless the customization that the games can have is so high that they can even reach the level of commercial games. No wonder GameSalad Creator is compatible with iOS to be able to easily create games for iPhone. Furthermore you can create your own designs by assigning images and adding audio as well as optimizing the games for different devices such as iPhone iPhone with Retina Display or iPad.

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