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Acorn is an image editor that meets all your needs when it comes to editing enhancing or composing images and all the latter with extreme ease because it's very quick and intuitive to use. It stands out because it offers the user a large workspace and because all the functions are accessible from the menu's main bar. Powerful image editor for Mac. Acorn's functionalities Among the options available in Acorn you will find the following: Edition (cut rotate flip copy ...) and selection tools. Includes different kinds of brushes and possibilities for vector drawing. Use of layers with the possibility to select both the opacity and the fusion mode and the layer masks. Availability of a vast amount of filters: color adjustment distortion effects gradients focus masks etc. Export images to be used on a website. Access online tutorials and documentation. Create creative compositions with your photos apply effects optimize settings like the brightness color levels add texts and frames etc. All the latter thanks to Acorn.

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