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LittleSnapper is a refined software application that will help you to take screen captures of any web page. The advantage of this application lies in the fact that it doesn't only capture the image that you're viewing it also includes its own browser that will allow you to know exactly what parts a website is formed by to be able to take the capture that you may require. Great screen capturer for Mac Thus it is very easy to take a photo of a web of only part of the design or of only the visible part. On the other hand LittleSnapper includes a small photo editor that will help you to modify the images without requiring any other software. With it you will be able to add text arrows boxes and apply small enhancements. Once the captures have been taken LittleSnapper is capable of organizing them in the library that it includes thus making sure that finding any capture is really easy. You will also know which ones you have modified you will be able to organize them by theme or date... The truth is that downloading Little Snapper for free is a very good way of simplifying how to capture and then edit any website.

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