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Tags is an application with which we will be able to tag any file with the only objective of making accessing it as quickly as possible. The program allows us to assign a series of categories to each of the files stored on our computer so that when we search for a file by means of Spotlight when we want to launch it we will be able to see the documents that are related or only have to remember a keyword. Tag files to simplify their access The program's interface that is rather nice is similar to that of iTunes from here we will be able to create a series of categories to which we will be able to drag the files in such a way that managing it is rather easy. As well as all those files that are stored on our hard drive the program offers us the possibility to tag our favorite websites which will make it easier to browse the Internet. What's more the application is keyboard friendly allowing us to access the interface in all the programs. Discover one of the most powerful tools to manage and order your files quickly download Tags.

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