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Dance Clash - Ballet vs. Hip Hop For iPhone Reviews

As everybody knows the war between ballet and hip-hop for the control of neighborhoods and auditoriums has been very fierce over the last 30 years: shoot-outs settlings of scores organized crime... and all the latter to prove who dances more and better who wears the best clothes or who poses the best to upload her photo to Instagram to get more likes. Do you prefer Tchaikovsky or Wu-Tang Clan? Bust your ass for your crew! You can now take part in this battle from the comfort of your iOS device because Dance Clash - Ballet vs. Hip Hop has arrived on iPhone and iPad an exciting game that's yet another piece of evidence of the tension between both styles and in which you'll have to prove that you dance better than your archenemy. Was it really necessary? These exaggerated words only have the intention of trying to bring some excitement to a game with a silly and crazy plot: do yourself up choose a nice dress get your hair done and get onto the dance floor to compete. If you choose ballet you'll have to dance better than the hip-hop dancers; if you choose hip-hop you'll have to dance better than the ballerinas. A load of rubbish. The games developed by Coco Play By TabTale the studio behind this monstrosity are all more or less the same: titles that stupefy women and therefore men and the entire mankind. They give their characters sexist roles in which girls have to look pretty be princesses plan their ideal wedding or spend the afternoon at the shopping mall. Therefore if you want to turn your daughter into the weakest link in the chain you can download this game for her. And I'm talking to you mother or father because I couldn't possibly imagine an adult woman downloading this game voluntarily. Among the game's different functions we have to point out the following: Create your own choreography. Wear the best clothes... it's important to look pretty. Even if you're only 8 years old. Go to the hairdressers. Also a very important issue for little girls. Decorate the scenario. Keep fit at the gym. All little girls are eager to go on a diet. Go to the doctor's if you get injured. Temper your nerves at the spa. So when can we expect a game about kicking stalkers in the shin or fighting off batterers? For both boys and girls. Totally unisex.

Dance Clash - Ballet vs. Hip Hop For iPhone Download

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