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Many people think that the majority of features included with iTunes aren't necessary to be able to listen to a song on our computer and that's exactly what the developers of Vox had in mind when they started this project.   Vox is a lightweight application that includes just the necessary things to listen to any song without directly affecting the computer's performance because it hardly uses any resources at all. It is also really worth highlighting the vast amount of audio formats that it can read being compatible with more than 20 different formats among which we will find the most common ones like AAC FLAC MP3 and WAV and others that are quite unique like AY (ZX Spectrum / Amstrad CPC) or GBS (Nintendo Game Boy) to name a few.   Furthermore Vox includes an equalizer with which we will be able to listen to any song with perfect sound avoiding losses. And to make things easier to inexperienced users it includes the possibility to define the equalizer parameters by selecting an option from a series of presets based on music styles.   Another possibility that the application offers is to apply all kinds of sound effects whether increasing or decreasing the speed or modifying the tone to name a few.   All in all a program that will allow us to listen to any song on our Mac with affecting the performance at all.

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