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Papaya is a file-sharing application that behaves like an Internet server and allows anyone to be able to download whatever they choose to offer. How it works is very simple once installed you can drag and drop any file from which you will obtain a URL. If you share that address anyone will be able to download that file. This is a great advantage if you want to share files allowing the direct download with your friends without having to use a P2P network or external service. With Papaya you will have really installed a small file server that will even allow you to access an online list. Thus wherever you are you will be able to download any file. Main features Possibility to view and download from iPhone or iPod Touch. Support to copy and paste. Creation of file groups. Configure the permissions for each group independently. Possibility to configure the download speed. Downloads with password. Preview the files (very interesting if you share photographs). Color tags just like the ones used by Mac OS X. The use that can be given to Papaya is really great because it can even be used as if it were a pendrive leaving any file protected by means of a password and downloading it wherever you may need it.

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