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Tubex - Videos and Music for YouTube For iPhone Reviews

Visiting YouTube from our phone to watch videos or listen to music is an increasingly usual action among iPhone and iPad users. The official application for iOS of Google's video site is decent enough to access all the online contents of this web but it can always get better. And that's precisely the intention of Tubex - Videos and Music for YouTube an unofficial client that wants to expand the already existing features and offer us new options. Where to download Tubex and how to use it? Before we carry on you should know that it's simply an application that allows us to browse and consume YouTube's contents slightly differently and with improved functions. It doesn't allow us to download videos or extract their audio therefore Google hasn't got anything against it so it can be downloaded from official stores as is the case of the App Store. An improved version of YouTube. Using it is as simple as the official application although the contents are organized slightly differently. From its interface you can flick through the videos sorted by categories access your subscriptions favorite channels playlists and discover what to watch if you run out of ideas. Listening to music: its key function If this YouTube client stands out for something that has to be the possibility to use it as an online music player as it allows us to listen to the audio of the videos we're playing even with the application running in the background or with our screen turned off. Furthermore we'll also have access to other interesting features such as the following: Watch videos without YouTube's annoying adverts. Add videos to playlists without logging in. Configure subtitles for videos. Advanced video channel and playlist search. Switch to choose the video quality: 240p 360p 720p 1080p etc. Access to your YouTube account.

Tubex - Videos and Music for YouTube For iPhone Download

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