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Mira is a simple but at the same time very useful application that will help us to expand the possibilities of Apple Remote. This remote control provided with some Mac computers has six buttons that have been designed to control the playback of multimedia files by means of the Front Row application. But Mira goes further and will allow you to control other applications by means of this remote control. Increase the options of Apple Remote First you have to configure Mira to indicate which applications you will be able to control by means of the Apple Remote. You will also have to establish the functions that the different buttons will carry out. Once you have selected the configuration you will be able to control the selected applications with Apple Remote. The browsing is very simple: with the menu button of the remote control a menu with the selected programs will appear and with the browsing buttons you will be able to change from one to another. This menu can be configured to appear vertically or horizontally as you consider more appropriate. From there onwards you will only have to select the application that you want to launch. And this is the simple method used by Mira to expand the possibilities of Apple Remote turning it into a very useful tool.

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