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Awaken is an application that will turn your Mac into an alarm clock. You will be able to configure it so that it wakes you up with your favorite iTunes songs or to remind you of an important meeting. As well as waking you up you will also be able to wake your Mac at the time of your choice. Try out Awaken and you will realize how you take less time to wake up. Turn your Mac into an alarm clock Creating an alarm with Awaken is very simple: you only have to choose the name of the alarm the time and the day that it will activate if the alarm is daily or weekly and the kind of sound you want as a notification. You can choose a library from iTunes your favorite song or even a film. You can also include a note so that Awaken reminds you of what you have to do. Awaken also has a function to go to sleep. You can configure a countdown so that some music that will slowly fade away to remind you that you have to go to sleep. You can even make your Mac go into the suspended mode.

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