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Model ChemLab is an application that perfectly simulates the workspace of a chemistry lab allowing you to experience activity related to this material in a secure and interactive way. Tools included So as to be able to practice controlled chemistry experiments without any risks Model ChemLab provides six modules each one of which offers us the possibility to perform different simulations: Acid-Base Titration. That studies the acid-base reactions. Fractional Crystallization Lab. In which to perform the experiments to measure the different solubility of each of the pure components present in a substance by means of fractional crystallization processes. Generic Lab. In this part both the equipment (beakers test tubes burets pipettes filtering flask with Buchner funnel ...) as well as the processes (titration decanting/pouring voltage volume ...) that are common in a lab are studied. Gravimetric Analysis of Chloride. That consists of determining the percentage of chlorides that a sample contains by means of a gravimetric analysis. Half Life Lab. It allows you to study the time it takes for a radioactive isotope to disintegrate allowing you to establish its stability. Volumetric Analysis of Chloride. To determine the number of chlorides present in a sample by means of volumetric analysis. Move the chemistry lab to your own house thanks to Model ChemLab.

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