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If we have a website or we often exchange files with a server at work it is more than likely that we have an FTP client to make it easier for us to move files. An FTP client that offers us a good performance and plenty of stability CuteFTP is a program for Mac that has little to envy from Cyberduck or Transmit the two most popular programs of their category for this platform. It is a complete application capable of managing the file transmission between our PC and the server that has a practical tool called 'Site Manager' with which managing the connections to others will be really easy. One of the main features that this tool offers is the possibility to upload or download files from the server by simply using the Drag & Drop technique thus working out to be a very intuitive tool to use. The interface is very appealing and all the main controls and tools can be found at the top of the program making it easier to use.

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