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Create or modify illustrations or images to generate your own logos in a very simple manner on your Mac. Quickly apply filters and effects the only limit is your imagination and creativity. If you're running out of the latter you can always resort to the examples offered by Logoist in its different categories and modify them and customize them to your own liking. But if you want to be in full control of everything from the very start you can create a design from scratch using the most simple and assorted tools offered by the software. The latter offers you the possibility to create from the most simple logos and images to the most complex designs creating true vectorial works of art. Create stunning illustrations and images. Do I need to be a graphics designer to use this tool? No you don't need to have studied graphical design to be able to use this program and come up with the most original creations. In fact the software itself comes along with a tutorial to quickly learn how to use its tools from a very simple and intuitive interface. It's a program for both beginners in this artistic field and professionals of this sector. You can download the app from the Mac App Store for just under 30 dollars but if you want to try out how it works discover its options and view the interface and tools you can download the trial version that comes along with a wide range of elements such as: Logos for your avatar or company. Business cards personal cards Birthday cards Christmas cards Wedding cards and other cards for similar events. Effects and filters to be applied to pictures to give them your personal touch.

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