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Definitely a very original application f.lux adapts the color of your Mac's screen depending on the time of the day or night offering a blueish light for certain times of the day and other redder and warmer tones for others. It's not the same to view the screen with the color and brightness of 10 a.m. than at nighttime. You can make it much more comfortable to work in front of your computer making it adapt the tone and brightness of the colors to suit your eyesight. However don't forget to keep an eye on the battery of your computer if you're working on a laptop especially during the daytime. f.lux adapts the color of your computer's screen to the time of the day. What other alternatives does this software offer? It's a very simple program that will work in the background on your Mac. Just let it find your location and as the day goes by it will adapt the color and brightness of your screen to the kind of light in your room to make it much more comfortable to work on your Mac. You can also adjust these colors and the brightness manually if you wish. In fact there are three different preset profiles that you can quickly switch between: Daytime: to adjust the screen to daytime light. This setting won't change the usual aspect of your screen too drastically. Sunset: to transform the colors into warmer tones and decreasing the brightness to adapt it to the typical dusk light. Bedtime: making your screen perfect to work at nighttime. Thus you can also adjust the modes to your own liking or even disable the application during the hours of your choice.

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