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Having a domestic or professional inventory can mean a big difference between wasting time and money or not. Carrying out an inventory is one of those tasks that due to laziness or ignorance many people and companies usually delay more than necessary. However a regular control of your goods can offer you plenty of advantages. With Home Inventory you can be sure that in the case of theft you can quickly draw up a list of all your possessions for your insurance company using a template. This program comes along with the same functions as Excel but its templates are much more customizable and pleasant. At the end of the day it's a tool for Mac with which you can carry out an inventory of anything you consider appropriate. What data can you save? For each element there are different columns where we can add: Description. Purchase information. Estimated value. Model. Series number. There's also a field in which we can upload an image file for photo inventories. Home Inventory allows you to store one or several images import them use the iSight camera or a scanner. Furthermore you can also add to your checklist the object's warranty contact information and data about your insurance agent so your inventory is very complete. You can obviously create backups and even generate reports in PDF format to present them to your insurance company. We can also add charts if we want.

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