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Poedit is an editor for .po files to carry out translations of programs to different languages. This free application available for Mac shows us all the information in a compact manner and allows us to edit and translate in only a few steps. The program shows all the fields on a list allowing us to see what has been translated and what hasn't and even restore the original text if we wish. Furthermore there's also a Poedit Pro Portable version that writes translations of any program or web page and that's very useful to keep translations files updated at any moment. How to use Poedit Once we've got the .po files we want to edit we'll open the application and then the file. Thus we'll be able to see all the fields and the translation carried out. From there on it's time to start translating whatever we deem appropriate. This program is an alternative to translate or modify the translation of WordPress but as well as having the program installed we'll also need to have access to WordPress on our computer. Having the online version of WordPress isn't enough to be able to use this function. Poedit isn't only useful when it comes to translating but also to customize certain messages that the CMS shows by means of .mo file. The interface is very easy to use: when we open the program it shows us two columns. In the first one we'll see the original text in the second one the translation carried out to be completed.

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