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Data thefts intrusions spyware destructive viruses ransomware capable of blocking your computer until you pay a ransom... all these and many more threats are the in-thing on the Internet especially when you browse through pages of dubious reputation or you click around all sorts of emails from unknown senders. And you had better stop believing that Mac's can't be affected by viruses because that's a lie of course they're affected just like other operating systems so you should take measures to prevent that from happening. But there's no need to worry because you've just got to download ESET Cybersecurity PRO for macOS. The security suite that protects your computer ESET is a company that has developed security solutions for Mac PC Android and iOS for many years. What we're offering you here is a pack of tools that intends to guarantee the best protection as possible for your Apple computer putting the focus on the integrity of your operating system and applications and on the privacy of your information. It comes along with a series of functions such as a firewall process analyses and detection systems capable of offering you the possibility to browse the web and access web pages without any danger. And all the latter without jeopardizing the functioning and performance of your computer one of the traditional drawbacks of many antiviruses. The guarantee you need to be able to browse safely. Main features ESET's Cybersecurity offers us the following features and functions: Safe mode for Internet shopping. Antiphishing protection. Analysis of incoming emails. Whitelist of safe files to speed up the analysis. Analysis of internal and external units. Different configuration options. No pop-up windows. Firewall that keeps your computer when accessing public WiFi networks. Parental protection. Explanatory guide about how to avoid falling for all the usual cybercriminal tricks. Don't think twice: if you need guaranteed protection with low resource consumption ESET Cybersecurity is just what you're looking for.

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