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The Atari 2600 was released back in 1977 becoming one of the most popular video consoles of the 80s'. Now thanks to Stella we can enjoy all the games on this platform but now on our Mac. That's because it's a multiplatform emulator that runs on the majority of modern operating systems as well as macOS. It's very simple so you won't have to resort to any kind of manual or tutorial. This software runs on ROMs each one of which is a game from the old Atari. Each time you install a ROM the latter will be saved in the program's directory allowing you to access it whenever you want to come back to that 'cartridge'. Many of the titles released back then on the Atari 2600 are now state-of-the-art games with surprising graphics. They all had their beginnings and many consider Atari as the forerunner of modern consoles. Bearing this in mind it's almost a must to have a go at one of these games to remember the old times and get stuck into the video gaming world of the late 70s' and 80s'. Stella is the perfect software for anyone in love with vintage and retro games. How to choose a ROM for the very first time? As soon as you start the application you'll be shown an internal storage directory on your Mac so that you can indicate where to find the ROMs. This application is developed in C++ and emulates the sound graphics and functioning of this original console allowing your imagination to think your playing games almost 40 years ago.

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