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Instead of leaving all your photos unorganized and scattered around folders on your hard drive you can start making use of Posterino to create a memory with them. Just choose your template and add your favorite images. This program will mix them randomly to create a poster. You can then change the frame use templates and apply filters with just one button which is quite eye-catching for the majority of users that demand that immediacy when it comes to creating collages. A collage in a matter of seconds. When it comes to customizing your work you can apply a wide range of filters including black and white effects sepia effects sharpness... You can change the frame or shadows of any image choosing between preset styles or modifying the information provided by the picture regarding its author and other data. How to use Posterino? It's a very easy-to-use application you won't need any kind of tutorial to understand how it works. The buttons are arranged intuitively so that you don't have to worry about anything apart from creating your collage. Additionally it also allows you to create a mosaic based on an image by cropping it over a texture to make it look like it's made up by loads of other smaller photos. It allows you to share your creations on different social networks (Twitter Facebook Flickr email etc.) or export them in JPG PNG or TIFF format. This application for Mac is a trial version as you'll need an activation code so that you can use it forever. The serial number will be provided by the company once you pay for its software.

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