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Jabref is a bibliographical management software that uses BibTeX as its native format the bibliographical standard of the most popular text management software: LaTeX. It offers us an easy-to-use interface to edit bibliographical databases that can be imported locally or from online sources. This application is developed under an MIT license and coded in Java which makes it portable. You can find it available for Mac Windows or Linux and it's constantly updated and maintained by its developers. How to use Jabref? You won't need a tutorial to be able to use this manager it's very intuitive and easy to use. Inputting new references is very simple just fill in the required fields to be able to get hold of a complete and extensive bibliography. You can sort your books by type genre or sector depending on your needs and tastes. The best thing about it is that you can export your databases to spreadsheets therefore you can share them quickly and easily with people that use this application. What does Jabref offer us? Output formats compatible with BibTeX. Simplicity in the edition search and visualization of references. Sort your entries automatically or according to different criteria or keywords. Import up to 15 filter formats. Search and download from PubMed and IEEE Xplore. Link to external applications (URL DOI PDF PS…). Cite-as-you-write function to cite Emacs LaTeX Editor or WinEdt as you write. Export databases to spreadsheets. It doesn't require a graphical interface. Generation of BibTeX keys. Customizable filters.

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