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Zipeg is a free program with which you can open and extract contents from files in ZIP RAR 7Z TAR GZ and ISO formats among others. It includes image thumbnails and is compatible with multipart RAR and ZIP files. This program comes along with versions for both Windows and Mac OS X. The latest version of this application supports files larger than 4GB and is available for the majority of versions of Apple's operating system including Tiger Leopard and Yosemite among others. Zipeg allows us to view the contents of zipped files before extracting them so that if they're not exactly what we're looking for we won't have to open them to later remove them. Any drawbacks? Yes it obviously couldn't be perfect. The program can only be run inside the 'Applications' folder so if you've got the program on your desktop or inside an Applications subfolder it won't work. Alternatives to Zipeg This is obviously not the only program that carries out this kind of action. There are other alternatives available for macOS computers such as: The Unarchiver: it's a file extractor compatible with the majority of formats available both on OS X and other operating systems that supports encrypted files. It can also work with more than one file at once. UnRarX: a universal binary application that can be used to extract .rar files and restore corrupt files.

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