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At some point you might have deleted a folder or file from your Mac by accident the loss of which caused you a terrible trauma: photos videos academic or professional documents... these disasters can be solved thanks to file recovery programs of the likes of FileSalvage for macOS. Powerful program to recover deleted files and documents This application is capable of recovering files that: Have been deleted accidentally. Have ended up being illegible. Were stored on your hard drive before it was formatted. Recover files music collections iPhoto galleries... The full version of the program can operate on any kind of support such as hard drives digital cameras USB pendrives PC disks flash memories scratched CDs or DVDs and any other storage device compatible with Mac. Don't think you haven't got any options: you can even rescue information from devices that have been formatted. Main features Its different functions are very accessible and thanks to its simple interface you won't have any trouble finding out how this forensic program works: Recovery of corrupted files. Working on faulty hardware. Searches isolating deleted files. Preview of located files. Recovery of images. Compatible with the most common formats as well as with Adobe or Microsoft's native file formats. Now that you know don't go without those files that you've deleted accidentally or voluntarily.

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