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Every user is different and that's why the features of the OS X dock can't satisfy everyone when it comes to using a Mac. Luckily enough there are ways of customizing our dock adapting it to our preferences and one of them is downloading and installing uBar. Enhance your productivity from your dock. The Mac dock appeared back in 2001 and has remained as a key feature of this operating system. However some users think that the Windows taskbar offers better results when working on the desktop and this application allows you to turn it into a similar highly customizable bar. Main features Group your running tasks by windows. Organize your tasks individually or sort them according to their similarities. Design totally built into the graphical environment. Expand the bar up to a maximum size of 5 rows. Shortcuts to the rest of applications you're using. Configure hotkeys to access different functions. Configure the position of the dock on the screen and its different themes. Visual information about all running applications.

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