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If you've got a large collection of books at home you've probably thought about all the hard work needed to classify them. This is no longer a problem thanks to Bookpedia an application that will help you to build a query database for all your books. Build a database for all your books. This application offers you a search engine through which the user can find the majority of the important information about a book: author covers summary edition year... anything you could need to make it much easier to search through your own collection to comment and rate your books. Features Search on the Internet for information about your books. Use filters to search. Control the books you've lent out. Draw up wishlists. Customizable view. Share information with your contacts. Manage your collection Among the different features offered by Bookpedia we can find the possibility to manage our collection: on the one hand we can keep thorough control of the books we've lent out and on the other we can draw up or wishlists.

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