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Microsoft Office is the office suite par excellence but OpenOffice is more than enough for the majority of projects. Nevertheless the Mac version leaves a lot to be desired. That is why if you need to use a good office suite on your Apple computer NeoOffice is one of the best available. Alternative to Microsoft Office for Mac With an interface that is totally integrated into Mac OS X NeoOffice is really easy to use and includes the essential programs with this kind of application suites. A text editor spreadsheet database and presentation program are all part of this office suite. One of the most interesting functions of NeoOffice is that it allows us to save a history of the files that we have edited something that is very interesting to know what we have modified and go back in case there is an error. To tell the truth this suite hardly differs from OpenOffice (on which it's based) but since it has been developed to run on a Mac from the start of its presentation its stability and quality are a lot higher. Of course NeoOffice is compatible with the same files and possibilities than the suite on which it is based allowing us to open ODF Word and other market standard documents.

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