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iWork is Apple's office suite with which you can create and edit all sorts of documents. It incorporates several programs including Pages the text processor equipped with interesting functions. This text processor is fool of functions and tools. It's a powerful tool with which we can create our own designs with fonts and styles or make use of Apple's own templates to speed up our work. Adding images videos or any other element is really easy therefore anyone can create text documents with well-kept designs regarding both their format and content. Main features of Pages Create documents such as reports posters or cards with its 60 templates. Simplified toolbar. Compatibility with Microsoft Word. Apply styles textures and fonts. Automatic adjustment of text around photos. Wide range of advanced writing tools. Synchronization with iCloud and AirDrop. Furthermore it also synchronizes with iCloud therefore you can keep all your work synchronized on your devices regardless of whether you use Mac or Windows. Also with AirDrop so that you can share it with anyone nearby.

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