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Having a container where we can dump store and organize our ideas is almost as important as coming up with those ideas. That's what OmniOutliner is all about a tool for Mac that provides us with a flexible and versatile interface by means of which we can manage any sort of important annotation or use it to draw up documents. Much more than a pad to write down your ideas OmniOutliner is more than just a tool to outline concepts to be developed. We're talking about a program with many instruments to write quick documents in a well-structured manner and to the user's own liking that make it perfect to draw up outstanding task lists create a diary or make plans as well as to be used as a brainstorming container. Outline your ideas with hardly any effort. Features Synchronize documents between Mac and iPad. Organized outlining of contents. Divide by sections. Use of columns to associate information. Export documents as plain text rich text OPML and HTML. Wide range of styles and formats. Possibility to associate attached files. Preset themes and templates. Record audio messages. If you're aware that drawing up an appropriate sketch of any idea or plan is basic to carry it out perfectly don't hesitate and download OmniOutliner for Mac.

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