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Sending large files from your email account is now possible thanks to Minbox. It's a small application that is located on your Mac's taskbar and that after configuring it with the corresponding email account allows you to send any file without any size or format limitations and from your desktop. As easy as dragging and dropping Minbox works by means of the Drag & Drop action. By dropping the file in question on the application's icon a small panel will immediately open up from which you can configure the submission details such as the recipient or the messages you want to attach for instance. No more problems when it comes to sending large files by email. Features of Minbox Send files of any size or format. Create links to files on your computer. Immediately share screenshots and video captures. Based on dragging and dropping. Download Minbox for Mac and you'll no longer have to worry about webmail limitations when it comes to sending heavy files or certain formats.

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