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WhatsApp Pocket is an application for Mac with which you can save on your computer all your WhatsApp conversations photos and videos in a very simple manner. Furthermore you'll comfortably be able to view all your chats and even recover those messages you had deleted by mistake. Connect your iPhone to your computer and create WhatsApp backups thanks to WhatsApp Pocket. Easily recover deleted messages photos and contacts. WhatsApp on your Mac Thanks to WhatsApp Pocket you'll be able to view all your conversations on your computer in a very comfortable manner and create a backup to always have them stored. To do so you'll have to connect your iPhone to the computer and wait for them to synchronize. Your chat history will appear on WhatsApp Pocket's interface. Other functions are: Recover WhatsApp elements you had deleted by mistake. Make a backup of all your contacts. Save images videos and voice notes. WhatsApp Pocket brings your favorite messaging client to Mac. Create backups as easy and as fast as possible.

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