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Since Google Reader disappeared we've been rather alone in the world of RSS readers. If you still haven't found an alterative that totally satisfies you you can now try out Reeder for Mac. This practical application was already available for iOS and you can now use it on your Mac. You only have to add the RSS feeds that interest you the most and you'll be able to keep up with the latest news in a comfortable and practical manner. The popular feed reader now for Mac. Main features Reeder had already won over many iOS users and now it's Mac's turn. By means of a simple and practical interface checking your RSS feeds becomes a very comfortable task. We only have to add the feeds we want and organize them to our own liking. Furthermore it allows us to synchronize in local mode only. Reeder includes support for the following RSS services: Feedly. Feedbin. Feed Wrangler. Fever. Don't hesitate and download Reeder to your Mac for free. All your RSS feeds accessible in a comfortable manner. Now it won't be at all difficult to be up to date with everything that goes on.

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