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GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) image files have been present on the web since 1987 and it doesn't look like they are going to be going anywhere soon. PicGIF is an application for Mac that lets us transform any image or video into a cute GIF file. An intuitive tool to create animated images. With modern-day digital cameras it's very easy to obtain a sequence of photos or video recordings that we can later use to create our own GIF files. And that's precisely what PicGIF does. Features of PicGIF Create GIFs by just choosing the size and number of frames. Easy to use. Allows you to modify the order of the images by just dragging and dropping. Includes a text editor to insert customized texts. Preview the result in real-time. Support for a wide range of image formats: JPEG BMP TIFF PNG RAW TGA... Support for the most common video formats such as MOV MP4 MPEG 3GP or AVI. Save the created GIF on your Mac or send it by email iMessage or Tumblr. PicGIF is easy to use and offers us very appealing results. It's an ideal app to create funny animated images to share with your friends and family on special occasions.

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