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Tools that make it easier and more practical to use our computer are always welcome. And OptimPrefs is precisely one of these tools. It's a utility with which we can carry out customized settings and select them without having to access our Mac's preferences. With OptimPrefs you will gain in time and comfort. Change the location If we use our Mac from our university's network for instance we won't have to configure the connection each time. We'll only have to select the University location in OptimPrefs and that's it. We'll have to do exactly the same if we use the computer at work. Settings with a single click OptimPrefs allows us to create shortcuts to the following settings: Wi-Fi connection. Volume control. Mute. Screen brightness control. Locations. Comfort is almost everything and with OptimPrefs you'll have the settings you use the most only one click away. Because time is precious use OptimPrefs on your Mac and go straight to the heart of the matter.

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