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When we capture video from our screen once the capture has been made we usually have to adjust the parameters that suit us best. This doesn't happen with iShowU an application with different possibilities that initially allows us to choose the video format that we want to work with. And the fact is that iShowU includes several preset formats some of which are high quality. Your video captures ready to be used. Features Instant video capture in the format of your choice including HDTV 1080p HDTV 720p and DV PAL among others. Recording from iSight devices such as iPhone or iPod touch or from any camera connected to your computer. Share videos immediately on YouTube or Customize the area to be captured on the screen. Show the keys used and mouse clicks made on the capture. Preview the videos immediately. Include audio generated by computer or microphone in the captures. Final Cut support. iShowU adapts to you not the other way round One of the advantages of iShowU is that once the capture has been made you won't have to export the video to any other format to be used whether you want to edit it or share it with someone. And although you can preset the video recording parameters you will always be able to configure them easily to adapt to your needs at each moment. With the inclusion in the capture of the sound generated by the applications themselves or by the microphone iShowU has become one of the most comfortable options available to capture videos on Mac. If you don't want to complicate things when it comes to capturing videos on Mac start downloading iShowU you won't be disappointed.

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