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When you make a portrait you will probably see certain flaws that need to be touched up. If you're looking for a program for Mac that helps you to do so rapidly and easily you can try downloading Portrait Professional. The best solution for imperfect photos Portrait Professional is a software specifically designed to work with human portraits. It allows you to improve them almost instantly with its airbrush and the rest of tools that offer a wide range of possibilities. Sweat wrinkles or shininess caused by light can easily disappear from any face. You'll be able to notice the progress at any moment comparing the original image with its result after editing. All the resources necessary to correct portraits. Features Photo enhancement of portraits with face recognition system. Correction of flaws. Modelling of face outlines. Settings determined by gender and age ranges. Specific controls for each area of the face. Management of preset adjustments. Support for RAW images and export in JPG and TIFF formats. Integration as a Photoshop plug-in. Intuitive easy-to-use interface. Download Portrait Professional for Mac and correct all those photos that you have never liked so that they become worthy of a fashion magazine.

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