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The easiest and most comfortable way to carry out secure transfer files between your computers and an FTP server is to download CrushFTP for free as it offers total compatibility with FTP and the rest of the most secure standardised file transfer protocols. A robust file transfer server. Features of CrushFTP for Mac Speed up the transfer of files by means of the ZipStreaming system. Supervise all the activities via web from any device or browser. Advanced security system that prevents unauthorised accesses. Complete group and user management system. Compatible with SFTP SCP HTTPS WebDAV FTPS and SSH. Expand the functions of CrushFTP by means of plug-ins CrushFTP includes a great catalog of plug-ins capable of increasing the functions offered such as CrushTask MagicDirectory or HomeDirectory amongst others. If you need to carry out secure file transfers and you are searching for a server of guarantee it is time for you to download CrushFTP free for Mac.

CrushFTP For Mac Download

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