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Before the use of photocopying machines and printers spread a usual practice to obtain copies of a document was to use a sheet of carbon paper that was put between two sheets of paper so that by means of the pressure applied during the writing process the content of the top sheet was transcribed to the bottom sheet. Nowadays instead of carbon paper you can use Carbon Copy Cloner to make backups on your Mac. Carbon Copy Cloner also known as CCC is a utility that is capable of carrying out exact backups of the contents of your hard drives managing to save all the data and files. Main functions Exact cloning from one hard drive to another. Save partial backups (that only include the files selected by the user) or total backups on an external drive on a remote computer or on an a disc image. Program periodic backups. Creation of incremental backups. If you want to protect your data and files avoiding their accidental loss don't forget to perform backups with Carbon Copy Cloner.

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