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Only your own creativity can limit you when it comes to creating and editing guitar tabs and scores. With TuxGuitar you will have a tool that will make things a lot easier. Everything you need to compose. Download TuxGuitar for Mac and get hold of a utility that will make creating musical compositions with a guitar intuitive and focused on creativity. Without knowing how to read music you can compose your own songs thanks to tabs also being able to visualize the guitar's neck. On top of this it has many other tools that will make the composition of melodies and score reading a lot simpler. Features Score reader. Several tools such as a mixer player guitar neck piano and matrix editor. Note length manager. Multitrack view. Imports GP3 GP4 and GP5 files. Various view modes. Tempo manager. Various audio effects. Ideal for beginners TuxGuitar can be of great help for beginners and for those who want to play their favorite songs. Thanks to being able to import tabs or files from Guitar Pro users will have everything they need to be able to play and perform them. Download TuxGuitar for free and become a guitar legend.

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