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Suitcase Fusion was designed in its day with one clear objective: to become a professional font manager. For this purpose it takes total control of the installed fonts allowing us to also import new collections. The appropriate font almost instantly Although it doesn't necessarily have a professional approach Suitcase Fusion is an ideal tool for any designer that works with publications. It allows the user to quickly search for and activate the most appropriate fonts that can be used in any job. It does this with absolute discretion in the background so that the users only have to focus on their work. Features Support for Adobe CS6. Font autoactivation. Efficient font management system. Font viewer prior to applying. Customizable groups of fonts for better organization. Access to catalogs of WebINK fonts and Google Web Fonts. Creativity as the main focus Suitcase Fusion has been conceived for users that work in the creative field. That's why the functions it includes are aimed at helping the user focus on the work itself rather than the environment. Download Suitcase Fusion for Mac and discover how to have the right fonts for your work always at hand.

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